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Friday, March 26, 2010

grant and i had a heart to heart today

he was talking about feeling old and i was trying to relate, even though i am still much younger than he is. i mean MUCH younger. (i'm just trying to paint an accurate picture here.) he set his elbows on my desk and looked at me wistfully.

"what would you do with all that youth if you had it to do again?"

and i said "waste it."

and he said "me, too."

and he smiled really, really broadly, and so did i.

just then i remembered that he is an actual person, one that i like, and not just some weirdo stick figure i spend all of my time eavesdropping.

i was going to post this as a comic, but i think that would defeat the purpose of what i am actually trying to say. (i don't know what i'm actually trying to say.)


  1. I know what you're trying to say, and you said it well.

  2. I'm with this guy...筱婷姿英

  3. if you use translator that guy is saying:

    Exemption expense adult sentence adult color 圖 one exemption expense adult shadow 騙 exemption expense adult electric shadow 觀 watching 曼 snow child feeling color sentence 學 adult small 說 亞 state non 碼 shadow one 區 亞 state shortly one 亞 state long one 亞 state it is short a one 亞 state exemption expense electric shadow 亞 state exemption expense feeling color shadow one man same our man on the one 亞 state long one 亞 state 貼 圖 站 亞 state electric shadow 瘋 feeling net 亞 state 瘋 feeling undersize 載 亞 state 瘋 feeling shadow castle 亞 state 歐 beauty shadow one 亞 state exemption expense line the gay 圖 one man the gay net man lust pieceA one woman on watching 亞 state color 圖 亞 state exemption expense lust one 亞 state line on man exemption expense 聊 heaven 亞 lust net 亞 亞 optical 碟 net 亞 亞 adult net exemption expense shadow one 亞 亞 adult shadow one 亞 state go2 exemption expense shadow one 亞 state adult line 聊 heaven room 淫 beauty adult press adult 韭 south 籽 85cc adult piece

    i'm with him, too.