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Monday, December 14, 2009

christmas party grant update

i was sitting next to jeff. grant came over to our table and put his arms around us. "my two favorite employees!" he exclaimed. "we should go take a picture, the three of us!" (the theme of the work party was prom. winter wonderland!) i said "yes, we really should," as i shoved jeff out of the way. we didn't, though.


grant came over to where i was sitting next to stefanie, who was my date. to me he said "you look ravishing." to stefanie he said "are you his date?" while pointing to jj. "no," she said, "i'm hers" pointing at me. "oh," he said. "doesn't she look great?" she asked him, while accidentally touching my boob. and then "i'm the boy!" (which she'd been telling everyone all night, actually.) "oh yeah?" he said, "you're doing a really good job," which i think was a reference to her boob touching. then he put his hand on my sleeve and started petting it. "i just want to pet you!" he said. i blushed, obviously. then he said i was glowing. he also said something about how velvet doesn't breathe to which i responded by telling him i wasn't wearing any underpants, which wasn't even true, just an inappropriate joke.


my boss gave a speech in which he thanked me and then called me a "disobedient child" which is my line for him. i almost cried but only because he was almost crying (what a weenie) and i was drunk. afterwards i said "that was really sweet of you" and he said "shut up and act like yourself, i'm not prepared to have you be nice." it was all very loving.


grant texted me. it took me a while to figure out who it was, since he signed it "luv, G" and no i didn't already have his phone number saved. obviously it was the best text message ever.

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