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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

the usual.

a conversation which just took place:

me: you look scruffy.
grant: you feel scruffy?
me: well, yes. and you look scruffy.
grant: i need someone to shave me.
me: well, maybe someone will do that for your birthday.


grant: i'm tired. i think i'll eat a banana.
me: that will probably help.


grant: are there bananas in daquiris?
me: i don't know, can't you get a daquiri in whatever flavor you want? like, a strawberry daquiri?
grant: good point.
me: do pina-coladas have bananas in them?
grant: i think they just have penis in them.


me: did you just say pina?
grant: yes, i did.


grant: i think i better go back to my desk.
me: it's probably best.


  1. What is it with Grant and his damn bananas?

  2. he just really likes bananas.

    & who can blame him!?