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Friday, December 5, 2008

melange du grant

(this is for grady.)

i've been keeping meticulous notes, but i've been forgetting to post them. i think it's best and easiest if i get them all out of my system today.


grant and i have just become friends on facebook.


two days ago all of his sweaters were dirty, which was a shame, because he wanted to wear one. he also really liked the sweater i was wearing. we had a conversation about sweaters the entire time we were in an elevator together.

that same day, renee's sweater had a hole in it.


grant walked up to my desk yesterday and leaned against it. he appeared to be thinking. he looked over at chris and said "wouldn't chris make a good model for abercrombie and fitch?"

"no," i said.

he ignored me. "he'd make a good calendar model, too. hey!" then he looked at me, engaging. "we could do a calendar of the men who work here."

"that," i said, "is an awesome idea. could it be nude?"

"oh yeah, everyone could pose with a mouse covering their... situation."

i laughed and laughed.


in front of a large group, grant walked up to my desk and asked, loudly, "has my knitting fancy arrived yet?"


so, grant's show. i took notes. and then i forgot to keep taking notes. but i have the ones i took, right in front of me right now, and i'm going to transcribe them.

grant canyon
grant tetons
grant baked cinnamon rolls



i'm not offended by the sound of the soundcheck

grant is a liar

grant came to my table. i introduced him to my friends. "you have friends?" he asked. "fuck you," i said. he patted my shoulder.

grant bought a cake to the table
he asked if i would light candles and carry it to his friend on his signal
i said ok.

they're starting. grant says it's going to be a special night and that he's going to explain it as he goes along.

[end of notes]

the point at which i stopped taking notes was the point at which grant's band started playing. which is unfortunate, because i'm sure i would have written down some more awesome nonsense.

the thing about grant's band, and i can say this with the absolute clarity of someone who didn't start drinking beers until after the band played, is that one of their songs reminded me of some song from the early 90s that i never could place, and another reminded me of a motley crue song. i wish i could have heard better to distinguish lyrics (and then make fun of them), but the sound system was shitty. and i can't say a single thing about grant's stage presence, because after about ten seconds of looking i got freaked out and had to look elsewhere.

and then he made me do that thing with the birthday cake, which meant walking up to the stage and holding a cake with a bunch of candles in front of his friend, while everyone sang and looked at me, which also freaked me out.

and then he referred to me as eileen, which harkened back to the days when we first started working together and he used to always make that horrible irene/eileen joke, but which freaked out all of my coworkers, because they thought he thought my name was actually eileen, and that would have been really weird.

after the show, some coworker friends and i were standing around waiting to tell him good job and good night, and he looked at us and incredulously asked "you guys hang out together?"


grant's band is playing tonight. as in this friday, december 5th, at my very favorite bar in san diego. I CAN'T WAIT.

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