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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

grant update 12/15/08

grant walked into the office and sang "good morning!!" at me. it made me suspicious.


grant walked up to me and asked if i'd like to go down to the casbah for an audition in the morning, for some video he's in charge of casting.

"no, thank you."

"it'll be just like getting your picture taken."

"i hate getting my picture taken."


this is true, i hate getting my picture taken. i do it, but i don't like it.


i notice that grant is barefoot. i ask him why.

"oh, my socks got wet when i went to lunch!"

this makes sense - it's a rare rainy & windy day in san diego.

his toes are super hairy, wet socks are no excuse for showing them to me.

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