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Monday, November 10, 2008

grant update 11/10/08 3:58 pm

earlier grant came up to my chair, knelt down and put a camera in my face. i looked at him like wtf. he told me not to look at him. he snapped some photos. then he left.

i have no idea what's going on with those pictures.

just now, he was mumbling something about a "nibbly tease" which i think was in reference to a snack but it's grant, you can never be too sure, and i'm too busy to ask him questions about every dumb thing he says to me today.

also i do have an update about his show but i'm still in the process of letting it all sink in. soon!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

grant update 11/5/08 4:25pm

i did this transcription for greg. i listened to this same ten minutes about fifty times today. it was some doctor, speaking about mental illness. i identified that guy as "speaker." there was this other guy doing the recording who kept prompting the "speaker." i identified him as "other guy."

it was grant.

Monday, November 3, 2008

grant update 11/3/08 11:06 am

i had to give grant something, so i walked over to his desk and handed it to him. it was on a lavender piece of paper which he said matched his eye so he stuck it up under his glasses to demonstrate. he poked himself in the eye with it.

"hey, grant," i say, "how come i didn't get a flyer for your show?"

"oh," he says, "it's only for ugly people."

"oh," i say.

"do you want to come?" he asks.

"yes," i reply.

he starts to hand me a flyer and i tell him that no, i already got one, through different channels.

"well, good then," he says.

as i'm walking away he says "don't sit in the front row, unless you're wearing something waterproof."