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Friday, October 31, 2008

grant update 10/31/08 5:10 pm

all day, grant has been pestering me about "connecting the dots" - that is, giving myself more of a unibrow. all day i have been telling him to leave me alone about it. finally, near three, i told him very loudly to "STOP SAYING THAT!!"

he did, i give him credit. but then he just start doing weird connecty hand gestures at me every time he passed my way.

as he was leaving, i said "good night grant" & also "happy halloween!"

he grinned and said "you, too! have a good night... i hope it COMES TOGETHER!!" and burst into laughter.


he didn't even WEAR a costume today.

very important grant update

months of gathering grantformation have finally paid off.


we're all so there. it's totes free.


grant walked to renee's desk and set a piece of paper down and just stood there.

she looked at it, saw that it was a flyer for this show, said something to him about it, he said nothing & walked away. that grant.

several hours later she relayed this information to me. i was kind of mad that she didn't tell me immediately.

he didn't give me a flyer, but i'll be sure to bring it up next time he's standing around my desk not speaking.

grant update 10/30/08 4:55 pm

grant is back in the office today after a really long vacation.

just now he finally decides to talk to me & comes over to my desk.

"soooooo..." he says, and stares at me.

"can i get you something, grant?"

"how about a martini?" he asks.

"seriously, grant, do you need something?"

"yes, a granola bar."

i sigh.

i thought his vacation would never end.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

grant update 10/8/08 1:27 pm

grant walks up to me and makes a stunning observation.

"you're like half therapist... half concession stand."