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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

grant update 7/22/08 5:15 pm

grant & i walked to our cars together after work yesterday. they are parked in the garage, and we park right next to each other but not on purpose, because they are the closest spots next to the elevator. we are both lazy.

on the way we discussed several items of interest:

1.) he is a repressed white dude
2.) he should go to therapy
3.) i should be a therapist
4.) he feels compelled to tell me things

i told him that this is a pretty common reaction to me, wanting to spill your guts in my face, and that i am pretty okay with it. in general. but that maybe he should keep most things to himself, since we all know he likes to verge on inappropriate territory.

then he told me i should move to south park.

oh, O-KAY, grant.

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