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Monday, July 21, 2008

grant update 7/21/08 5:05 pm

a little while ago, grant was - SURPRISE! - rifling through the snack bowl. greg came over and asked me to help him with something. i smiled at greg because he is totally dreamy, like jason bateman in his mid-twenties, and told him i would be happy to help him with whatever he needed help with.

grant turns to greg and says "i don't know why she's nice to you, she smiled and everything."

greg does not know what the fuck he is talking about, most likely, but they walk away, talking.

as expected, grant returns to my desk after his little conversation with greg is over.

"grant," i say, "i'm nice to you, too."

he looks at me and says "if you knew me better, you wouldn't be."

"oh, well, then i won't be."


"one less person around here to have to pretend to like."

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