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Friday, July 18, 2008

grant update 7/18/08 1:27 pm

dan is standing at my desk, digging through the snack bowl for blue jolly ranchers, which he always eats.

"why are the blue ones always so sticky?!" he asks.

"you know," i say "stephanie made that same comment yesterday and it's true - the blue ones are always weird & melty!"

dan says "yeah, your fingers get all sticky when you open them..."

grant, walking by and always eavesdropping on my conversations, must have heard dan ask "do your fingers get all sticky when you open them?" and pipes up. "that's a really personal question, dan!"

in the five seconds it took me to comprehend that grant was making some kind of weird sexual innuendo about sticky fingers and opening things up, my face went from normal to bright red.

"that was really inappropriate, grant," i said.

"probably," he snickered, and walked out the door.

dan was really confused. "was grant making fun of me?" he asks.

"i don't know dan," i sigh, "i don't know."

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