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Thursday, June 19, 2008

re: grant

to explain the previous blog & any future ones that might re: grant:

he is the art director where i work. he has a website which i discovered yesterday during a very cursory google search of his full name. the second day i worked at this place was a friday, so a whole bunch of us went out for happy hour. despite my best intentions i am fairly certain i got drunk. during the course of the evening, grant and i got into a very serious discussion about being native san diegans and did i move down to san diego with a boyfriend or alone and also how he looks just like my ex-bf john stafford, if you could somehow project john stafford ten years into the future. i then decided i would much rather talk to john stafford than grant, so i started text messaging him, effectively ending the very first stupid conversation i had with grant.

anyway, grant always makes me slightly uncomfortable on account of how he is always acting like such a freak & forcing me into weird conversations.

but i have a special place in my heart for him, on account of how he looks like future john & on account of all the mysteriousness.

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