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Friday, June 27, 2008

grant update 6/27/08 3:06 pm

grant comes over singing some song about how he wants an ice cream cone.

"do you have an ice cream cone?"

"no, grant, i don't."

he starts to walk away. then he turns around and says "how are you doing today? are you good? DO YOU EVER HAVE MOMENTS WHERE YOU'RE REALLY CONTENT?" and i say "well, not here, grant." and he laughs or whatever. then he says "i get the impression you're not really... yourself..." *rubs his slight beard* "...well, if i could explain it, i'd be a lot smarter than i am now."

and i say "self-actualized?"

and he says, "oh, yes!" and then we have a little conversation about life, me being in my mid-twenties and how it's a rough time for women. but then he clarifies that it's not a rough time for women but "it's a rough time for men who have to be with them." and i say "oh yeah, grant, then the men of the world are lucky, because they don't have to be with me" & i scowl at him. and he says "i didn't mean!" and then he starts to walk away.

but he turns around OF COURSE and says "i'm very familiar with women in that stage of their life" and i say "well, so am i" and he says "i think we have a lot in common."

if we both think he is a freak, then we DEFINITELY have a lot in common.

also, i like ice cream.

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