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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

grant update 6/24/08 12:08 pm

grant was walking out to lunch, after returning twenty minutes ago from a hour long coffee break, not that i'm paying attention or anything.

"hey grant, i guess you can look at it." i say, handing him the notebook. "well, now i don't want to." "oh, well, fuck you then." so he comes over to look at it anyway and of course flips through it in a way that is extremely annoying and he laughs while he does it and then he says "you're so secretive" and i say "well, i have a lot of secrets" and he says "i bet you do."

& then he says this is a really awesome notebook & goes to lunch, where i'm sure he will be for two hours, at least.

not that i am paying attention or anything!

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