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Thursday, June 19, 2008

grant update 06/19/08 3:20 pm

(this is part two in a series of myspace bulletins about grant, all of which will in the future be turned into blogs.)

so grant walks over to the my desk just a few minutes ago, presumably to get some kind of snack from the snack bowl. he's fishing around in there and so i say hello & how is your day going & he says ok, i'm getting things done! and i say me, too! and go back to typing whatever really important myspace message or survey i was working on.

clickety clickety clack.

i thought he was going to leave since we'd just had another monumentally stupid and boring exchange but instead he asks "so, do you ever do freelance work?" & i am thinking what the fuck are you talking about? but i say "what kind of freelance work, grant?" and he says "oh, i don't know." and then he stares at me with this half smile half dazed expression and says (to me or to himself i am not sure) "that's something to think about." and i am thinking "yes, THIS IS ALL SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT." then he starts to walk away. and so i say "that was really weird, grant, you're a really weird guy." and he says "why?" and i have no response.

so then he really does walk away & as he does he turns around to tell me that he's decided, just then, that he doesn't like chocolate. i am in full agreement of chocolate's grossness* so i say "actually, grant, i don't like chocolate either. it's pretty much nasty." and he says "yeah, weird," and walks out the office door.

when he came back through just now, he was obviously still pondering the thought of me doing freelance work for him and really, i can't wait for tomorrow or the next time he comes to the snack bowl, because there is more to this mystery to be revealed!

obviously, i am in love with all of this mystery and intruige.

& grant.

*this whole thing happened right after i came from the kitchen, where i was explaining to shuz that i wasn't going to eat any cake becos it was nasty chocolate and also where i had to explain to andrew that tuna sandwiches are nasty, too, since they're all full of mayonaise. as i was walking away, andrew shoved me & told me to get out of there. i think it's because of all the SASS.

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