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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

gay scraps.

i kept notes on the gay happenings until they moved, at which point they were no longer close enough for me to hear their conversations.

the following are juicy tidbits which i thought, really, i'd get around to making into comic form, but realize now that i won't.

sometimes, you just have to say goodbye.

tim: kenneth, your attitude stinks!
tim: on top of everything else, i have to be psychic?!!
ken: you need to comb your hair.
tim: listen, just because i paid for your $100 haircut doesn't mean you can say anything to me about MY hair!
tim: don't compromise my principles!
tim: i might have moved you in, but i will move you out so fast it'll make your head spin!
tim: you want to get the car impounded? you just don't think do you? you're gonna go pick up your sofa and its gonna be hanging out of the car and you're gonna get pulled over and then they'll see your licence is suspended and they'll impound the car. is that what you want?
ken: no no. ho hum.
tim: you just wanna be taken care of like a little baby... well, i'm tired of changing your diaper! i'm tired of all this responsibility! ill shout it from the rooftops!

to be fair, he shouted from the porch. but rooftops, whatever.

i miss them.

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