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Monday, June 11, 2007

the gays down below, part three.

i hear tim talking to the neighbor lady, caroline or christine, about church.

i don't do churches, but i am a very spiritual person.

i don't buy it, and i'm pretty sure the neighbor lady doesn't either.

later, tim is on his porch talking to someone on the telephone.

i just hear this:

i just want to do it for once in my life. something different. go platinum blonde. be platinum blonde like you wouldn't believe.

yes, that sounds more like tim. nicole informed me that earlier, tim had requested that ken add SUN-IN to the shopping list.

later, same telephone conversation:

that was the reason for the rehab. the liver cancer.

that made me a little sad. if tim has liver cancer, well, we haven't got tim for very much longer.


photos, as promised! all of these photos were taken surreptitiously by nicole.

tim and ken. please note that tim is the one with the glass of white wine in his hand. he always has a glass of white wine in his hand.

tim, obviously sunning himself. nice shorts!

more of tim, more of white wine.

please to note that tim wears a wedding ring.

unfortunately, no kimono shots. maybe next time!

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